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[00:00.00]92    Talking About Sightseeing
[00:03.54]   谈论观光
[00:07.08]...is a great attraction for visitors.
[00:15.02]A:The Great Wall is a great attraction for visitors.
[00:20.90]B:It's a man-made wonder.
[00:24.66]I've seen it many times in textbooks and it's part of my dream to visit it.
[00:31.22]Someone claimed it was one of the two man-made wonders that could be seen on the moon.
[00:38.48]B:That's true.
[00:41.64]Do you have any plan on your mind?
[00:48.90]A:Do you have any plan on your mind?
[00:53.05]B:I want to see all places of renown in Suzhou.
[00:58.41]A:How are we going there,by bike or by bus?
[01:03.76]B:By bike,of course.You don't want to miss the beautiful scenery,do you?
[01:10.61]Show us our itineraries.
[01:18.26]A:Show us our itineraries,please.
[01:23.51]B:We'll first go to Mount Tai,then we'll go to Sichuan by air,
[01:30.46]after that we'll be leaving for Tibet.
[01:34.72]A:How long will the trip take?
[01:38.87]B:At least 20 days.
[01:42.64]Would you recommend some places for sightseeing?
[01:50.99]A:Would you recommend some places for sightseeing?
[01:55.75]B:How about Great Canyon?
[01:59.69]A:Is it worth seeing?
[02:03.06]B:Of course!It's the most wonderful natural works.
[02:08.42]If I can afford it,I'll certainly take a trip abroad.
[02:18.45]A:Have you ever been to any other country?
[02:23.20]B:Pity I haven't.If I can afford it,I'll certainly take a trip abroad.
[02:29.86]A:That's also my dream.
[02:33.73]B:How about going to ltaly next summer vacation? A:Why not?
[02:39.90]I prefer a package tour.
[02:46.84]A:Do you like a package tour or to travel alone?
[02:52.41]I prefer a package tour,and we don't have to worry about accommodation,meals
[02:59.25]or that sort of trivial demanding things.
[03:03.69]I prefer travel alone.I'll have a lot of time lingering at one place.
[03:11.16]I'd like to buy some souvenirs.
[03:17.69]A:I'd like to buy some souvenirs.
[03:22.06]B:What do you think of the pamphlets with beautiful pictures?
[03:27.10]A:That's nothing new.
[03:30.57]B:I'll buy an electric map of the city.
[03:35.54]I like hitchhiking.
[03:42.20]A:I like hitchhiking.will you go with me?
[03:46.95]B:Oh,no.I don't think I'm in that good form.
[03:52.10]A:It's a pity.Say,how about a place near enough?
[03:58.16]B:To where exactly?  A:New England.
[04:02.83]B:That's still too far for me.
[04:06.91]How long will you be there?
[04:13.86]A:I've booked an air ticket to Venice.
[04:18.43]B:How long will you be there?
[04:21.88]A:I'd like to stay there for a week.
[04:25.85]B:So you'll have a tour of the famous city.A:Certainly.
[04:31.20]Anything interesting in this city?
[04:37.97]A:Anything interesting in this city?
[04:42.64]B:We have a beautiful natural park.A:It's worth the time.
[04:48.29]B:Come on.Let's walk there.
[04:51.94]What's this city famous for?
[04:58.79]A:What's this city famous for ?B:Tea and silk.
[05:04.25]A:Where can we have the famous tea?
[05:08.32]B:Preferably at the big department stores.A:Thank you.
[05:14.28]I'm going on a guided tour...
[05:21.83]A:I'm going on a guided tour in the mountain.
[05:26.82]B:You'll see the world-famous magnificent waterfall.
[05:31.96]I like the sight and the sound.It worked on me like a magic when I was a child
[05:38.81]B:Your dream will come true.It's really breathtaking.
[05:44.45]Do you see...?
[05:50.20]A:Do you see the pagoda on that hill?
[05:54.77]B:Yes,anything to know about it?
[05:59.03]A:It's associated with a beautiful fairy tale.
[06:03.78]A fairy lady fell in love with a peasant boy
[06:08.64]and finally the girl was changed into the pagoda.
[06:13.89]I felt as if i had been in a different world.
[06:23.03]A:The tranquility of the night,the chirping of some insects,
[06:29.20]everything is so natural!
[06:32.75]B:I felt as if I had been in a different world.
[06:37.79]A:And I was overwhelmed by this scene,too.
[06:42.94]Let's enjoy the wonderful view of...
[06:51.09]A:Let's enjoy the wonderful view of the Yollow Mountains.
[06:56.55]B:I doubt whether I'm in the real world.
[07:01.12]A:I've heard so much about it.
[07:04.96]Now I know why people say "Seeing is believing".
[07:10.42]What a beautiful pacific lake!
[07:18.67]A:The mountains are so green!
[07:22.80]B:And the lake,what a beautiful pacific lake!
[07:28.24]A:Look at the fish.They are so free and elegant.
[07:33.98]B:How wonderful it would be to live here after I retire!

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