英语日常口语学习(mp3+lrc字幕)79.Taking a Taxi打出租车

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[00:00.00]79    Taking a Taxi
[00:11.15]A:Manhattan Square,please.
[00:15.10]B:All right,sir.When are we supposed to be there?
[00:20.06]A:I'd like to go around the city,if you don't mind.
[00:24.61]Drop me......
[00:29.96]A:Drop me at the Manhattan Post Office.
[00:34.93]B:Well,that's an hour's ride.Why not just post your mail here.
[00:41.59]A:Oh,I'm visiting a friend there.  B:I see.
[00:46.94]Are you engaged?
[00:52.90]A:Are you engaged?
[00:56.14]B:No,sir.Can I help you?
[01:00.21]A:I want sharing Company.B:Oh,hop in.
[01:05.46]Could you take us to....?
[01:11.65]A:Could you take us to the Fifth Avenue? B:Sure.Step in.
[01:17.71]A:Is the traffic very heavy this hour?
[01:22.08]B:No.But it's a bit strange today.
[01:26.73]Drive me to.....
[01:32.16]A:Drive me to Kennedy Airport,please?
[01:36.60]B:I'm sorry.My car's taken.
[01:41.04]A:Where is the next taxi stand?
[01:45.20]B:Not far away.It's over there.
[01:49.64]Is this taxi taken?
[01:55.80]A:Excuse me ,is this taxi taken?
[02:01.05]B:No.May I help you?
[02:04.53]A:Would you please drive me to chinatown?
[02:09.28]B:Oh,that's where I'm going.
[02:13.04]Can you make it?
[02:18.08]I've got to be at the headquarters of City Bank by 10:30.Can you make it?
[02:24.85]B:Sure.  A:Is this the right road?
[02:29.39]B:Yes,this is the road without much traffic.
[02:34.67]Please take me to.....
[02:41.12]A:Please take me to London Hotel.
[02:45.69]B:OK.When should we be there?
[02:49.95]As soon as possible,cause I've got an important meeting to attend.
[02:56.12]B:OK,if there're no hold-ups.
[03:00.38]Pick me up......
[03:05.34]A:Pick me up at the Museum at 5:30
[03:10.51]B:All right. Your portfolio,please.  A:Oh,thanks.
[03:16.68]Please send a cab to......
[03:24.33]A:Please send a cab to the Grand Hotel.
[03:28.88]B:Your address,please?
[03:32.53]A:162,Sixth Avenue.
[03:36.97]B:When do you want this service?  A:4:30.Thanks.
[03:42.82]Will you give me a ride to....?
[03:49.59]A:Will you give me a ride to the nearest department store?
[03:54.76]B:No problem,but the traffic might be heavy.
[03:59.80]A:But it's not the rush hour.
[04:03.57]B:People like shopping at this time.
[04:08.03]Which road should we take to.....?
[04:15.69]Which road should we take to No.200 North 12th Street?
[04:22.32]B:It's hard to say .You'd better take a cab.
[04:27.57]A:Can you drive me there?  B:All right.
[04:32.74]How far is it from here to.....?
[04:39.88]A:How far is it from here to Lincoln Memorial?
[04:45.31]B:Not far,it's only three miles.
[04:50.14]A:When could we get there?
[04:53.38]B:It depends,usually it takes ten minutes.
[04:58.95]How much do I owe you?
[05:05.01]A:How much do I owe you?
[05:09.16]B:Four dollars and fifty cents.
[05:13.00]A:Here's five dollars,you can keep the change.B:Thank you.
[05:19.27]What's the usual fare for the distance...?
[05:26.53]What's the usual fare for the distance from here to the Art Gallery?
[05:32.77]B:Twelve dollars.
[05:36.61]A:How much should I tip you?
[05:40.09]B:Ten percent of the total.
[05:43.85]What's the speed limit on this road?
[05:50.33]A:What's the speed limit on this road?
[05:54.98]B:30 miles.
[05:58.14]A:Why so low?
[06:01.38]B:There's a primary school two blocks away.
[06:05.92]How can we avoid the traffic jam?
[06:12.27]A:How can we avoid the traffic jam?
[06:16.42]B:No way out.This is the only way to your destination.
[06:22.67]A:Our government should do something about it.
[06:27.03]B:It's said they'll build an overpass here.
[06:32.18]Can we park here?
[06:38.34]A:Can we park here?
[06:42.18]B:No,this is no parking area.
[06:46.41]A:Where can we park our car then?
[06:50.36]B:There's a parking lot a block away.
[06:54.62]How far have we gone?
[07:00.57]A:How far have we gone?
[07:04.33]B:Eight miles already.
[07:07.81]A:At what speed are you driving? B:65 miles.
[07:13.37]A:That's a bit fast.
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