刘毅词汇5000 vocabulary 5000 lesson 4

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Bellow v.吼叫 同:roar
He bellowed with pain when the tooth was pulled out.

Beverage n.饮料 同:drink
In some countries, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays.

Calculate v.计算 同:compute
You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a discussion.

Glamour n.魔力 同:charm
The glamour of the life of an actress made her give up her study.

Outfit n.用具 同:equipment
She bought him a baseball outfit for his birthday.

Rascal n.流氓 同:rogue
Two rascals tricked the old man out of his money.

Render v.1.给予 同:give 2.致使
The organization renders great service to the community.
His fatness renders him unable to touch his toes.

Safeguard n.保持 同:protection
Keeping clean is a safeguard against disease.

Schedule 1.n.时刻表 同:timetable v.排定
According to the production schedule, the factory is supposed to turn out a hundred cars a day.
The President’s speech is scheduled on next Friday.

Strap n.皮带 同:thong
The general wore straps on the shoulders of his uniform.

Tomb n.坟墓 同:grave
When the king died the people placed his body in a large tomb made of stone.

Transmit v.传送 同:convey
Her illness was transmitted to other members of the family.

Wrath n.愤怒 同:rage
The king’s unjust laws raised a great wrath among the people.

Baggy adj.松弛的 反:tight
Old people sometimes have baggy skin under their eyes.

Beneficial adj.有益的 反:harmful
The new hospital will be beneficial to the poor people.

Disgust 1.n.憎恶 反:favor 2.v.令人厌恶的
The smell of the rotten meat filled her with disgust.
The impolite manner of that man disgusted many people.

Drought n.干旱 反:flood
The water level in the reservoir was low because of the long drought.

Exterior adj.外部的 反:interior
The exterior surface of the house was bleached by the sunlight.

Eliminate v.削减 反:include
A part of the program was eliminated to save time.

Gorgeous adj.华丽的 反:shabby
Children shouted when they saw the peacock spread his gorgeous tail.

Illegal adj.不合法的 反:lawful
He was arrested for the illegal sale of guns.

Lad n.少年 反:lass
We lived on a peaceful farm when I was a lad.

Retain v.保留 反:lose
In the United States most married women do not retain their maiden names.

Tilt v.倾斜 反:erect
You tilt your head forward when you bow.

Veto 1.n.否决 反:approval 2.v.否决
The governor’s veto kept the bill from becoming a law.
His parents vetoed his plan to buy a new motorcycle.

Abbreviate v.减缩 n.abbreviation
His book was abbreviated and appeared in a public magazine.

Available adj.可利用的;可获得的 v. avail
There were no tickets available for Friday’s music performance.

Bribe n.贿赂 n. bribery
The judge was accused of taking a bribe to free the prisoner.

Chat n.闲谈 adj. chatty
The woman chatted on the phone for almost an hour.

Contempt v.轻视 adj. contemptible
We feel contempt for a liar or a thief.

Fraction n.部分 adj. fractional
She’s careful with her money and spends only a fraction of her earnings.

Idol n.偶像;神像 v. idolize
A stone idol stood at the entrance of the village.

Inherit v.继承 n.inheritance
After the farmer’s death his wife and children will inherit the farm.

Reproduce v.再生 adj.reproductive
She reproduced the contents her husband’s letter from memory.

Shrink v.萎缩 n.shrinkage
Washing wool in hot water will make it shrink.

Tempt v.引诱 n.temptation
The sight of the food tempted the hungry man to steal.

Vital adj.生命的;致命的 v.vitalize
He was lucky that the bullet had not entered a vital organ.

Abuse 滥用 1.v 2.n
Don’t abuse your health by working when you ought to be sleeping or resting.
His abuse of power has turned his friends against him.

Brand 1.n.品牌 2.v.烙印
What brand of cigarette do you want to smoke?
On big farms, cattle are usually branded to identify the owner of them.

Compress v.压缩
Compressed air has a great deal of force when it released.

Corridor n.走廊
You will find Room 101 at the end of the corridor.

Hatch v.1.图谋;计划 2.孵
The spies hatched a scheme to steal government secrets.
We hatch the eggs by keeping them in a warm place.

Imply v.暗示
Her letter implies that she wishes to meet you.

Logic n.逻辑;理学
Logic is not the science of belief, but science of proof or evidence.

Merchandise n.商品
The store had a large stock of merchandise.

Preside v.主持
The mayor presided over the town meeting.

Procure v.1.取得 2.促成
They procured the money needed to build the hospital.
The traitors procured the death of the prince.

Ruffle v.弄绉
A sudden breeze ruffled the surface of the calm lake.

Soar v.高升
The price of sugar soars when sugar is scare.

Surplus n.剩余
He kept enough corn to feed his cattle and sold the surplus.


1. The _____ of Hollywood draws many young people there every year.
2. Parents _____ some of their characteristics to their children.
3. The scientists could _____ when the spaceship would reach the moon.
4. Please straighten the flag ; it is _____ a little bit to the left.
5. A(An) _____ of three months ruined the wheat crops.
6. She _____ so much that it was hard to understand her letters.
7. I feel nothing but _____ for such dishonest behavior.
8. It is hard to _____ water in the desert.
9. The bank keeps a large _____ of money in reserve.
10. Mother’s smile _____ that she had forgiven us.

1. glamour 2. transmit 3. calculate 4. tilted 5. drought
6. abbreviated 7. contempt 8. procure 9. surplus 10. implied

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