刘毅词汇5000 vocabulary 5000 lesson 3

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Alter v.改变 同:change
If the coat is too large , the tailor can alter it to fit you.

Doom n.命运;劫数 同:fate
As the ship sank, they faced their doom.

Fragile adj.易碎的 同:breakable
This old dish is in a very fragile condition.

Fruitful adj.有收获的 同:profitable
We had a very fruitful discussion in the classroom.

Garrison n.要塞 同:fort
The japanese garrison on wake surrendered at the end of World War Ⅱ.

Hurl v.用力投掷 同:cast
The hunter hurled a long, sharp spear at the bear.

Jail n.监狱 同:prison
The judge sent him to jail for six days.

Quest n.探询 同:pursuit
She went to the library in quest of something to read.

Refrain v.抑制 同:abstain
In order to lose weight, she refrained from eating candy.

Script n.字迹 同:handwriting
I could easily recognize my father’s careful script.

Shabby adj.简陋的 同:worn
You look rather shabby in those clothes.

Temporary adj.暂时的 同:transient
Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.

Urgent adj.紧急的 同:imminent
The refugees are in urgent need of medical supplies.

Alert adj.留心的 反:heedless
A good hunting dog is alert to every sound and movement in the field.

Artificial adj. 1.人造的 反:natural 2.虚伪的
The artificial flowers were made of paper and cloth.
She welcomed us with an artificial smile on her face.

Ascend v.上升 反:descend
He watched the airplane ascend higher and higher.

Disgrace n.耻辱 反:honor
A doctor like him is a disgrace to our hospital.

Grudge n.怨恨 反:favor
I always feel she has a grudge against me, although I don’t know what wrong I have done to her.

Nun n.修女;尼姑 反:monk
My aunt is a nun; she can’t get married, and has to live a life of prayer and worship.

Random adj.随便的 反:deliberate
The room was filled with a random selection of furniture.

Steadfast adj.坚定的 反:inconstant
He was so steadfast to his principles that we couldn’t move him.

Subordinate 1. adj.下级 反:superior 2. n.属下
A clerk in a business occupies a subordinate position to that of the owner.
A good leader is the one that is respected by his subordinates.

Thrift n.节俭 反:waste
Her thrift saved them enough money to buy a hourse.

Treacherous adj.叛逆的 反:loyal
The treacherous soldier carried some important pieces of information to the enemy.

Troublesome adj.麻烦的 反:pleasing
He is a troublesome child; he is not obedient to his parents.

Alternative n.二选一 adj. alternate
Her father gave her the alternative of staying in high school or going to work.

Bulge n.凸出 adj. bulgy
The bag of candy made a bulge in the child’s pocket.

Congratulate v.祝贺 n. congratulation
Let me congratulate you on the birth of your son.

Contradiction n. 1.反驳 2.矛盾 adj. contradictory
Contradiction by the students always makes my teacher angry.
It is a contradiction tosay you support the government but would not vote for it in an election.

Detect v.发现 n. detection
Small quantities of poison were detected in the dead man’s stomach.

Execute v.实现 n. execution
The plan was good in every respect, but it was badly executed.

Intervene v.插入;介于其间 n. intervention
A week intervenes between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Monster n.怪物 adj. monstrous
That dog is a real monster; I have never seen such a big one.

Paralyze v.使麻痹 n. paralysis
His arm was paralyzed as the result of the accident.

Revive v.复活;苏醒 n. revival
He was nearly drowned, but we revived him.

Stagger v.蹒跚 adj. staggering
The boy staggered and fell under the heavy load of books.

Subsequent adj.后来的 n. subsequence
The story will be continued in subsequent issues of the magazine.

Cling v.粘着
The two friends cling together wherever they go.

Countenance n.面容;表情
The actor had a handsome and distinguished countenace.

Dimension n.尺寸
He ordered wallpaper for a room of the following dimensions; 16ft. long, 12ft. wide, and 8ft. high.

Erase v.抹去
He erased the wrong answer and wrote in the right one.

Growl v.咆哮
The dog was angry and growled at the stranger.

Lick v.舔
The cat licked up the drops of milk from the floor.

Postage v.邮资
The postage for airmail is greater than that for regular mail.

Poultry n.家禽
This market has fresh poultry for sale at the beginning of every month.

Prick v.刺
When she was sewing she pricked her finger and made it bleed.

Skim v. 1.掠去(液体上不要的漂浮物) 2.掠过
The cook skimmed the fat from the soup.
I watched many seabirds skimming the waves looking for food.

Stitch n.一针
She made a neat row of stitches along the edge of her skirt.

Undergo v.承受
She underwent a thorough examination at the hospital according to the doctor’s order.

Wharf n.码头
Passengers were waiting on the wharf to board the ship.


1. He _____ curses at the unfortunate man who had made the mistake.
2. We have to buy a new suit for Mary; her suit is too _____.
3. When you read at night,you read by _____ light.
4. She has had a(an) _____ against me ever since I disagreed with her.
5. A man who is sent to prison brings _____ on himself and his family.
6. The nurse _____ her duty according to the doctor’s order.
7. We have to do what he wants; there is no _____ for us in that matter.
8. The president was asked to _____ in the coal strike.
9. She _____ to the hope that her son was not dead.
10. The student _____ his mistake on the examination paper.

1. hurled 2. shabby 3. artificial 4. grudge 5. disgrace
6. executed 7. alternative 8. intervene 9. clung 10. erased

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