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Hello, I'm Aaron Safeer with the BBC news.
Mourners have paid their last respects at the funeral of Rayshard Brooks, a black man fatally shot by police in the US city of Atlanta. The funeral happened in the church where Martin Luther King Jr. used to preach. The BBC's Nada Twafic has more.

The location of the funeral was symbolic, the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. preached and where he was eulogized after his assassination. The civil rights leader's youngest daughter, Dr. Bernice King, told Rayshard Brooks' four children that she stood with them and understood the pain of growing up without a father. For protestors, she also had a message: Don't stop until all black lives matter.

An FBI investigation into a noose found hanging on the garage door of a black racing car driver in Alabama has concluded that he was not the target of a hate crime. There had been speculation that the noose may have been placed there to racially intimidate Bubba Wallace. Here's our North America correspondent, Peter Bowes.

It is a teammate of Bubba Wallace that reported finding a noose in the garage on Sunday. The FBI and the US Justice Department launched a hate crime investigation. The 26-year-old, who's the only full-time black driver on the circuit of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, recently successfully called for the confederate flag to be banned from NASCAR races. But after reviewing video footage, the FBI says a garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been in the building since October. And nobody could have known that Mr. Wallace would be assigned the garage last week.

President Trump has condemned anti-racism protesters for trying to demolish statues of controversial leaders in the United States. Mr. Trump said that this was not the behavior of a peaceful political movement, but that's of a left-wing mob, which he said were attempting to demolish America's heritage.

Twitter has added a warning label to another tweet by Donald Trump. The president had written that the establishment of an autonomous zone by anti-racism protesters in Washington, D.C. would be met with serious force. Will Leonardo reports.

Twitter said the president's tweet had violated its rules on abusive behaviour, and users now have to click through to see it. His threat of serious force came as a response to a failed attempt by demonstrators on Monday to topple a statue of the slave-owning 19th century President Andrew Jackson near the White House. Some tried to declare the area the Black House Autonomous Zone. Mr. Trump has also been angered by the ongoing occupation of an area in Seattle, which has been declared police-free.

The Peruvian government says that at least 223 police officers have died of COVID-19 in the country. The authorities say most of them contracted the virus as they try to enforce quarantine measures in food markets and in other public places.

World news from the BBC.


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