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Film production is a tricky business, where plans can be ruined in the blink of an eye. Today we’re used to seeing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and we could hardly imagine Hugh Jackman taking the lead. However, he was the first choice of the scriptwriter for Pirates of the Caribbean.


At Bright Side we started our own investigation to figure out which other famous roles were initially created for different actors or actresses. Here we tried to imagine what our favorite films would look like if the main character was portrayed by another actor or actress. Let’s take a look.

在Bright Side,我们开始调查,以找出哪些著名的角色最初是为其他演员打造的。如果主角由另一位演员扮演,我们钟爱的电影将会是什么样子?让我们来看看。



Emma Watson has had enough remarkable characters in her career. Little did we know that Cinderella could’ve become a part of her portfolio along with Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.


Although Lily James eventually landed the role, Watson was among the main candidates but turned down the job because Cinderella “didn’t resonate with her” enough.




Although Anne Hathaway actually starred in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as the White Queen it wasn’t the part she claimed initially.


Anne was offered the chance to play Alice herself, but she refused to, saying that she had had enough of portraying good-looking princesses (referring to her famous character Mia from The Princess Diaries).




Back in the 1990s DiCaprio was just starting his career. The role of Max in Disney’s fantasy Hocus Pocus could’ve become his big shot, but he preferred to go for the adapted drama What’s Eating Gilbert Grape despite the much bigger financial reward that Disney offered.


It looks like it was the right choice, because that part brought him his first Oscar nomination. Things didn’t go so well for Omri Katz, though, who portrayed Max in the end: he finished his acting career in 2002.




The writer of original script, Stuart Beattie, confessed that he was creating Captain Sparrow’s character with Hugh Jackman in mind (hence the JACK in Captain Jack Sparrow).


However, back in 2003 the X-Men star wasn’t famous enough for the role, so the Disney crew opted for Depp. The choice turned out to be successful: thanks to Johnny Depp a movie that was supposed to only be one film, became a franchise.

但是,2003年这位“ X战警”还不够出名,因此迪斯尼剧组选择了德普。这不失为一个明智的选择:多亏了约翰尼·德普,一部电影延续成为了一个系列。



Ian McKellen was approached for the role of Professor Dumbledore after Richard Harris, who originally portrayed the Hogwarts’s headmaster in the first 2 films of the Harry Potter franchise, passed away in 2002.


However, McKellen turned down the offer, saying that Harris had never appreciated him as an actor. According to the Lord of the Rings star, he just couldn’t take over the part from a colleague who disapproved of him.




The role that made Tom Hanks a major star was initially offered to John Travolta, who was at the peak of his popularity back then. Travolta turned down the part, though, to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.


Remarkably enough, after this film Travolta’s career started to go down, whereas Hanks received his second Oscar as Best Actor for this performance.




In a recent interview Matt Damon surprised his fans with a shocking revelation: James Cameron, the creator of Avatar, wanted him to star in his science fiction blockbuster. Not only did the director offer him the role, he also proposed 10% of the film’s profits, which, according to the box office, would now estimate to be as much as $280 million.


In the end, the then unknown Sam Worthington landed the role, and Damon’s only regret is that he missed the opportunity to work with James Cameron.




It’s hard to believe but Will Smith could’ve been the one reflecting thousands of bullets and flying over the Matrix. However, he turned down the role to take part in the Wild Wild West movie and admitted sometime afterward that it was the right decision. Back then he couldn’t appreciate the concept of The Matrix and was absolutely sure he would have messed it up.


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