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Why is belly fat so hard to lose in adults?

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What I found was that there are basically 6 reasons belly fat is so hard to lose:
1.Hormone changes/genetics. Your body has changed as you got older (e.g., if you are 40, you have lower testosterone). Your genetics plays a big role on where you store the excess fat. I was always thin as a kid and could never gain weight no matter how much I ate. Now that I’m 60, I have to watch how much I eat and I store my excess calories in my belly just like my father.
2.Belly fat, once created is specially protected from being burned by alpha-2 receptors present in the belly fat. Deactivation methods that are the most successful combine fasting, yohimbine and/or rauwolscine, and low intensity exercise.
2.腹部脂肪一旦产生,其中所含的α-2受体就会将其特殊保护起来避免被燃烧掉。最成功的减弱其功能的方法就是结合节食、育亨宾(从茜草科柯楠Corynanthe yohimbe树皮中得到的生物碱)和/或萝芙素,还有低强度的锻炼。
3.Excessive fructose consumption. When you eat too much fructose, the liver gets overwhelmed and stores the excess as visceral fat. If you eat fruits, that has fiber which slows down the digestion so the liver isn’t getting fructose faster than it can process. And the fructose contained in fruit is relatively small. It’s when we added sweeteners with no fiber and lots of fructose like HFCS to our foods that the problems started. The best advice is simple to follow: eat real foods. Note: Real foods are foods that grow in the ground or on a tree or found in nature without man having to do anything to it.
4.People try to desperately get rid of belly fat by starving. The more you under eat, your body will burn muscle and add to your overall body fat and belly fat.
5.Even if you do everything right, it can take a long time to lose it. A lot of people fail to see instant results and drop off the program. That requires a lot of discipline. Losing fat is actually easy: it can be done through diet alone. Healthy choices, logging everything you eat, and discipline to stick to it are key.
6.Hormone deficiency. Indeed, there is a correlation between waist size and testosterone. If you don’t have a balanced set of hormones, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage; it is harder to build lean mass.

How to avoid creating new belly fat
1.Avoid eating too much fructose and alcohol on a per meal and daily basis. The amount you can safely eat depends on your genetics, but in general, if you stick entirely to “real foods” you simply will never have a problem with too much fructose.
2.Avoid over eating in general. Various things can help you keep your appetite in check: high protein, high fat, low refined carbs, caffeine,working out intensely, drinking water before a meal, eating “bulky” low calorie things (e.g., a salad).
3.Improve your diet quality. Avoid eating refined carbs which causes insulin spikes that wreak havoc on your hormones. Insulin tells your body to stop burning fat and start storing fat. Make sure you get enough protein, especially in a cutting phase. 1 gm per pound of body weight is a good target.
4.Check that your key hormone levels are normal: testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, hgh.
5.Avoid stress. Deep breathing helps a lot.
6.Get adequate sleep. Quality and quantity both count.
7.NEVER EVER starve yourself. Never eat 20% below maintenance.


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